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  2. pointytilly said: You might want to avoid using the belts on the Mk.II, I’ve heard they react with the other gold plastic and melt it. Breaker’s looking better, I agree!
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    OH MAAAAAAAAAAN Hahaha no hate here just a round of applause for that luck! (Also super cool people giving freebies; I...
  4. prometheus023 said: Whilst I’m kinda ambivalent about the regular Shieldy, I’m super jealous of that MK 2! It looks gorgeous already, let alone what it will look like when it’s completed! Breaker is looking very nice with those repainted pieces!
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    you are probably going to hate me for this but the Liger was a freebie from a seller for buying a bunch of HMM kits....
  6. genobreakers said: Oh wow, you did a fantastic job on the paint! :D
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